lost help me

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by bullbog, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. why is the map not showing on the web????????????? i am lost in nether and i don't want to die
    i on smp.3
  2. Livemap is working fine for me, i can see you moving out there, you need to head east to get to spawn :)
  3. unless he has a minimap mod, how is he supposed to know which direction is east shaun?
    edit: he is east of spawn, so he would need to head west lol
    @bullbog head toward 250, 225
  4. will it not wroking for me
  5. try pressing fn and f3 at the same time if you have a mac, press f3 only if you have a window, it will show your cooeds, head to 250 225
  6. East is always descending on the x axis, so as long as the x value of coordinates its going down you are heading east. Pressing f3 (mac fn + f3) always reveals this :)
  7. then why is the compass on the live map saying he needs to head west? are you remembering the compass directions were changed in a recent patch?
  8. You have a compass to find North/South/East/West on the debugging screen (F3 or Fn+F3), displayed as the f value. He needs to head West from where he is to get back to the spawn.

    f : 0 = South
    f : 1 = West
    f : 2 = North
    f : 3 = East
  9. Lol, quite possibly, doesn't help that my right/lefts are in a constant state of flux in my mind, never quite could get that through my head as a kid. :p
  10. A couple of guys have had the same problem on SMP 6 too today. It worked fine for me, but it didnt work for them.
    Major Map error?
  11. i did receive an error when i first navigated to the smp3 live map, something about the files not matching the current ones? but a simple refresh fixed it