Lost Ancient Places & Periods in time Construction & Idea

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  1. A idea just hit me.Me and my friend Flattenpancake will be working on famous places throughout time like Atlantis,Rome,Greece...,Maybe even modern places.Well it will also be a shop but it will be disguised nicely.I already have a res on smp5 so I shall use my alt Monkeybuster5 plot.It is on Smp7.Donators are welcome and will have a wall of fame.(We're currently working on Stone age).
    Also if you have any ideas or suggestions on what place to build,please post on this thread :D
    Res number:15051 Not started yet.Collecting materials

    List of what we need.
    We need everything from Grass to Music disks.Minus unobtainable things.
    Also rupees would be appreciated.
    Thank you for reading.
    We will try our very best to make it perfect!
  2. Suggestions are appreciated!
  3. Anyone?Please post what you think about this idea!
  4. Well, i like this project. I could donate some cobble/stone for it, but you would have to start the project and show some screenies for me to see your ideas :)
    that would be awesome, maybe you could do it up at sky levels and use your residence ground as a whole lake/forest :O
  5. hmmm. our plans is to sort out the items according to the time they were introduced into the game.
    for eg. when you first walk into the shop, you will be at the 'indev' section. then 1.2 and so on till you hit 1.2.3
  6. Hmm, the idea is good, not a huge enlightment, but well. As for suggestions, you already did them yourself
    As for donations, there are over 20.000 Accounts registered in the Empire. Many of them want to get donations for their projects. So it is unlikely you will receive alot without showing how good you can build, what it gets and how committed you are. If you would get everything donated it wouldn't be much different from creative. And as I already said in other posts, EMC is about building things with limitations. If you give somebody unlimited time, space and rescources eventually everybody does sth decent. On EMC you have none of that. so doing somethign decent is already above average, considering many of the dirt block buildings.

    So start out and if you show that you are really outstanding, people will eventually start donating if they see a true and good purpose.

    Greetz Hasorko
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  7. we want to start building but that's when we need your help
    we lack resources as well as the things we're going to sell.
    even the first section of the shop, indev, requires TONS of items because in indev, notch introduced the most number of things compared to other versions ( including 1.8.1 )
    so we really need your help :confused:
  8. U didnt got anything of what I said right? You dont get help before you startet. Also what makes you believe people would give you items so YOU can sell them instead of they sell them themselves?! Who just give away items so others make money with it ?
  9. I like Asgard ;)
  10. Nnn great idea :O!Asgard perfect place!Hasorko we are not asking for rupees,as we speak I am collecting materials to start building.(My friend has multiple alts so if we run out of space,another res around there.
  11. Mount Olympus.
  12. Nerone you read my mind !
  13. We are accually starting on Medieval and Classic Minecraft.Finally got our hands on a few resources.
  14. If rupee or items donations, there is no different as you can change your rupee for items and sell your items for rupee... but anyways I dont want to argue about that. You will figure how things are working :) Have fun
  15. what do u guys think about this? 2012-03-15_12.12.46.png