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  1. hi recently i bought a wither skelston skull from [Dedacted] i paid 12k when i started i had 13,449 now i have something in the 1k range what should i do?
  2. What do you mean? This doesnt provide enough information....
  3. 50D Scammed him. PM a mod.
  4. well, 13,449 minus the 12k you paid is 1,449 rupees... your amount is correct... so whats the problem?
  5. There's your problem, that's what happened to the money.
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  6. Not sure if sarcasm or legit....
  7. yeah he scammed me now i start to think that i will buy thru chest shops only i will also take pistures of how many ruppes i have before i give them to somebody but the mods can check it
  8. Did he give you the anvil?
  9. So you paid him 12k and he didn't give you the wither skull then?
  10. Anvil?
  11. Hmmm i heard wither skull not anvil.
  12. this has nothing to do with anvil just saying
  13. Sorry been talking about anvils for a while..
  14. i know i want to make one but i dont have enough iron i might just go out and get some iron ore
  15. This has been handled, and kevinwelch2001 has been contacted via PM. Locking thread.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.