Loss of interest

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mrlegitislegit, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. *In a dimly lit theater, a shadowy figure emerges towards the microphone in the center of the stage. The stage lights illuminates, showing that the figure is really mrlegitisleigt.*

    "It's him! He's alive!" I'm sure you all shout.

    Yes that's right, I'm alive I guess and here to talk about why I've been inactive. I've been inactive for a few reasons, mostly school and my job, but mostly because I have lost interest in EMC. This isn't because I don't like EMC, but because I don't feel motivated to really do anything. I've lost interest in my SMP6 town build and I've lost interest in running a wild camp on a big scale. I would like to continue to work on both but I've felt a lacking urge to do either. So I've made this thread both to say that and to look for suggestions from the community. Any advice/suggestions would be great.
  2. Make a small outpost
  3. Please don't leave!
  4. If it is to hard to run the outpost I would suggest making a new owner and becoming a Co-owner. Or some sort of temp step down. If you need some encouragement, maybe make a thread where people can contribute build idea's. To get you interested in EMC again. ;)
  5. I like to design redstone ... and, not to advertise, but play minigames ... emc is a bit behind on minigames, and just strictly building and doing economy related things gets dull a bit, so playing minigames and then switching back to emc every few days or hours or so helps balance it out and keeps things interesting ... doing too much of any particular thing will make you lose interest...

    If I work on a build for too long, it hurts my eyes or hands... so i'll read a novel and listen to music for a bit.... afterwards i may come back and work for few more hours :3