Losing Your Plots

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  1. Hey, yes as you can see I'm new but I've come across a snag and I guess many others would have too. The thing is i live both with my parents though my mother has the net and my father has not which means i have to go about both houses. In terms i mean sometimes i wont be on for 10 days or possibly more. Will this rule stand even though i have given reasons to why i cannot get on at all? Just thought i'd ask this question as I'm very curious and i would not want to lose my little plot and everything on it. Thank you for taking your time to read this


    Oh, and i mixed the sub forums up, but to some point this IS related to the forum itself, so sorry. :)
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  3. Ryukk

    While I totally understand your point, and agree its a hard situtation, I also see an issue here...

    According to your profile you are 18 y/0 and unless you are "lying" there I bet its not hard to go find a nethouse, computer with intenet at school, a friend's, idk...

    You know you can even access the game via browser on its website? you dont even need to download it... pfft so small anyway

    Still I hope that admins can help you out on that.

    And remember as Stalin once said: If you do not propose a solution, then you are part of the issue

    Or somethign like that =) I know the quote on a diff language idk if its translation is corrcet but i bet you get my point
  4. Cheers, With everything going on not many places to go with internet with "no strings Attached" lol. But thank you and that's an excellent quote :)
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