Losing it all

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  1. Thought I might start a baw-ish thread for when you lose your stuff.

    So I was mining away on a large expedition. I had used nearly all my iron on picks, and much of my coal on torches. I had little left in my reserve, but I was about to dig up much more. So with my 10 iron picks I headed out to the south outpost where I found a mine that already went down to layer 14. I began to branch mine, but instead decided to explore the cave system just above me. I found about 5 stacks of coal and a stack of iron. This is what my storage needed. I also found some gold hehe. I had a scare with a creeper but managed to fight it off. Then while digging, I somehow fell off a ledge into lava, I tried to run out of it before I died so my stuff would not be destroyed. I thought I was successful. Returning to the mine I searched for my valuable, but alas I could not find them. I lost nearly everything I had in regards to iron and coal, not ill have to do some work to build those up again. Hopefully buisness picks up at my store where I sell all the goods I farm on my res.

    Now post your stories!!!
  2. Worst thing ive lost was last weekend I got lucky and got Fortune I pickaxe from lv14 enchant...

    Used it like 10 times before noobing it up and digging straight down in the nether, and fell into lava :(

    I got right to the edge before dying, nothing was saved.

    I've lost full sets of diamond armor and tools like 3 times now, with lots of iron and gold too last weekend
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  3. I ran out of cake once.It was rather sad.