[Lore] The Legend of Brick

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  1. There once was a brick, who sat in a tomb undisturbed for centuries. It was a normal old stone brick, just in a wall of other stone brick blocks. But, even so, this brick had a goal. To move freely and to live.
    Of course this was to never happened. It was a nonliving thing! Until one day they came. A group of average players, searching, for something; a beast? a portal? perhaps the master of the tomb? They found the tomb itself, and begun to take all the stone brick they could find. These people slashed and hit with picks so strong, it broke sections of the wall in 3 by 3 areas. They had taken brick along with them, thinking it's just a block. Which, in truth it was. The surprised each other by finding, a portal to another world in a few rooms over. They opened it with the eyes of ender, wanting the best prize of the tomb to themselves. They jumped through, along with the stone bricks...

    When they had gathered themselves prior to jumping, 2 of the 5 players had already died, falling into the void. Only three remained. They attacked the dragon, as hard as they could, but this dragon was different. It was the same dragon that was taken over by the endermen, but was bestowed their magic. They soon realized nothing from the overworld would kill this beast, and so, 1 by 1 the dragon slew, until the last was left. Begging for his life. This same player wore a red creeper jacket and a blue shirt with headphones, and carried the brick who wanted to be more. The dragon sensed this will from a block, surprised that it could communicate in silence. The beast breathed magic fire onto the player...

    The player's name was _StrikerZ_.
    He had a good life, one that led to his doom.
    And that was okay. He accepted his punishment freely, and openly.

    The Dragon breathed his magic flames onto the player, and was torn and crushed into a small stone brick block. One that vanished from the world.... Never to be seen again.

    That day, a new player was created.
    He wore a red jacket, blue short, and headphones. Curious as to what happened,
    he looked around, realizing he was not only alive, but free of that tomb.
    The next adventure would begin with him. The first out of a million players to ever be created from another.... The first brick who lived...
    This was the same brick that wanted to be more, that finally was.
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  2. That was so wonderful it made me cry.
  3. Thank you :p
    Can't tell what this is for :confused:
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  4. For a story about a brick, that was good.:)
    How did the brick boy get out of the end?
    Don't you have to slay the dragon to do that :p
  5. Well, I guess it was the equal to respawning when you die, only the magic made the brick a player and the player a brick. So. :3