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  1. Hi, have you ever wanted an: auto sugar cane farm, auto pumpkin farm, auto melon farm, semi auto wheat, carrot, potato or mushroom farm, or a Redstone Elevator with or with out Floor selection or down selection? Well keep on reading I provide services for all of these.

    Auto Sugar Cane Farm: 5k per floor
    Auto Pumpkin Farm: 5k per floor
    Auto Melon Farm: 5k per floor
    Semi Auto Wheat, Carrot, Potato or Mushroom farm: 5k
    Redstone Elevator: 8k per floor
    Redstone Elevator With Floor Selection: 10k per sloor
    Redstone Elevator With Down Selection: 10k per floor
    Redstone Elebator With The Lot: 15k per floor

    If you have or do not want any off these please leave a suggestion on what you would like.
    If you think prices are to high or to low please leave a price suggestion.
    If you would like any of these please tell me what you would like in game or leave a comment below.