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  1. Every time I die my stuff is vanishing, not at the place of death. At first I thought i might have forgot where I was exactly when I died. Then I died a couple of times in a spot I knew exactly where I was. Only thing that was there was and exp orb. 3 times all with good sword and lots of mob loot. 2 of the times was just seconds after dieing. please help
  2. how long is it taking you to return to the point of death?
    are other players active in the region of your death?
    what is the cause of your death?
  3. The first time I wasn't exactly sure the spot so I combed the area for 10 minutes or so in the wasteland. The second and third times was in the wasteland nether and know exactly where died and i returned only a few seconds later. Both second and third times there was an xp orb there. So i don't think anyone took the items because the orb would be absorbed? And i didn't see anyone one around. Cause of death was being killed by mobs, first was exploding enragedcreep and other 2 was from a gang of pigmen =p
  4. with the enraged creeper, chances are your stuff was set on fire with its explosion, or if it survived then it despawned in the 10 mins you took to find your grave (5 min safe period in loaded chunk i believe), Second and third times may have just been bad luck, the nether is notorious for containing lava and fire, the area you died could have contained natural or anthropogenic fires which would burn your stuff. Or the pigmen could even have picked up your items on death, if the chunk is still active after your death (a player is within reach of it) then the pigmen will not despawn and be able to collect items like normal zombies.
  5. I guess those could be the case but I've died a lot fighting mobs and have only not retrieved my stuff maybe twice.
    Now three times in under an hour seems far fetched. Thanks for the help
  6. I think there might be an issue with despawn timings, im pushing a change up now that should resolve it.
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  7. I don't know if you already use it, but Rei's minimap mod will create a waypoint for you upon death, which makes it simple to quickly find your things before they despawn. It's still in beta for 1.7.2, but seems to work well enough. I once had a group of pigmen snatch up my protection IV diamond armor set, so it can happen. Took me a good while to get that back, lol!
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  8. I don't mind loosing stuff hear and there because its really not hard to get an enchanted diamond sword but when its every time it does suck, haha.
  9. Them pesky pigmen wearing your prot4 armor, go god pigmen! :p
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  10. how long with the pigmen have the stuff for and will it work after the server reboot?
  11. The pigmen won't normally despawn while they have your items, but with a server reboot? I'd guess they would be gone, but Aikar would know for sure!
  12. I have had this happen to me twice recently. Once was in a hallway. I had a friend go and he went through from end to end and could not find my death pile. The other time I saw a friend get knocked off a Fortress onto Netherrack. It was not even close to Lava. I went down some stairs to get his stuff for him and it was not there.

    Sometimes the stuff is there and sometimes not. I had actually reported a different despawning issue to Aikar, and mentioned one of these incidents in passing just thinking it was a fluke. Looks like maybe it wasn't.
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