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  1. Uhm just thought Id show you a lil something (that's not mine :( )

    The Owner: jackomighty

    The Item:

    The Item is not kevdudeman who is blocking me. Look at the item next to it.

    We will be building a shrine for the egg on smp3 because it is SMP3's egg. Me, jack and kev are building the shrine together. It will be a glorious shrine for this marvelous wonder. Don't post any offers to jack, he is not selling it (I hope and think.) Post your comments below!
  2. Looks pretty cool... Where is this shrine might I ask?
  3. Edited two words.
  4. Tell him to go sell it on Justins res
  5. I believe if you sell it you get 20 back. xP

    Also, where is this shrine being built at?
  6. I don't follow...
  7. Could you perhaps be more specific: Nether, Wild, Town (if so what res)?
  8. You said where is it, I changed a few words to make it like it was soon to be happening.
    Town, we haven't decided a specific residence yet.
  9. Ahh okay ;)
    Gotcha ;)