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  1. I'm looking to trade a stack of blaze rods for a stack of slime balls. Let me know if you are interested.
    Note: I am giving YOU blaze rods for you to give ME slime balls. Sometimes people get confused :D
  2. How about a stack of Clay Balls?


  3. No thanks, i want slime balls. I will however trade them for 2 stacks of iron or 1.5 stack of gold (smelted ofcourse)
  4. Did you see my grey text? I can get the iron.
  5. I did see the grey text lol
    And allright, you get me 2 stacks of iron, and ill get you 1 stack of blaze rods. let me know ASAP
  6. KK, maybe by tomorrow.
  7. I have slimeballs, but I don't want/need blaze rods. You willing to trade anything else for them?
  8. Um, margaritte, I'm doing the deal. Do you want it instead though?
  9. I thought you were getting him iron for blaze rods? He wants slimeballs, right? I'm seeing if he would like to trade something else for them, because I already have a ton of blaze rods...
  10. Oh, you mean, you want to give him slime balls for something else? LOL I'm confused.
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  11. hmm can u trade me some iron? I seem to really need it... BTW margaritte YOU WON THE INCREDIBLE MACHINE CONTEST! GOOD JOB :D... anyways your achievement get says so:D
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  12. this is for me to get slime balls, (or iron/gold)
    I want to trade blaze rods, not get blaze rods.
  13. Well, I for one want to give you slimeballs. Are you willing to trade anything besides blaze rods?
  14. Unfortunately, i dont really have much to trade. you see i need blaze rods+slime balls for magma creams for fire resistant potion. However i would be happy to purchase the slime balls (i have plenty of money to barter with)
  15. Ill see if i can get the iron, but if margaraitte sells to you first, I'm not taking this from her.
  16. Mein, I think our two deals would be completely separate, so don't worry about it. You would be doing one deal for iron, I would be doing another one to get Firebox some slimeballs. Mutually exclusive...
  17. Oh, ok, i thought you wanted the blaze rods.