Looking to rent a spawer

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  1. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to let me use there spawner trap i will pay around 100-300 depending on the type of spawner i.e. Skelton-300 zombie-100 spider 200
  2. lol dude i just payed 25k to rent and it doesnt end well, also i think its against the rules now
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  3. Go outside, and dig down. In all likelihood you'll find a spawner.
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  4. Yup, just find one yourself.
  5. Yeah, while exploring the territory around my shared skele spawner (and 'nearby' nether territory) I discovered 4 cave sipder spawners, 3 of which are close enough to build a grinder off, and 2 blaze spawners, only 17 blocks apart. Trust me, they're not terribly hard to find if you know how to look.
  6. Can a mod or admin lock this thread i dont want any bumbs to happen
  7. If you find one, contact me and I can make it for a fee. :) Read the signature ;)
  8. I will lock this thread for you =]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.