Looking to purchase wool and sandstone.

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  1. Items no longer needed. Sorry for any inconvience caused.
  2. Sandstone deal! Ill probably have it by friday (Latest next Tuesday), ill do 50 rupee a stack, okay? (= 1350 rupee)
  3. Sure, but I'm willing to buy for the prices stated in the OP if you don't mind.:)

    Also, white wool no longer needed.
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  4. I got tons of WOOL every shade same price as always 8 pieces for 5 rupees send me your order and when i shear enough sheep ill tell u
  5. The amount of wool I'll need is stated in the OP, as well as the prices I'm willing to buy them for if you sell them at my residence. :)
  6. Cool bro when I get on on fri ill sell u everything I got
  7. Don't overlook the EMC shop database created to help you find exactly what you need.
    Just search for the item you need, and browse through the shops :)
    Thanks goto Raenis for his amazing work in this creation.
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  8. The shopdata base is really useful indeed. ;)
    I've visited several shops and got some of the items I need, but it is still insufficient, which is why I've made this thread.
  9. Delivered, sir
  10. Wow really? I just went to smp3 with 27 stacks of sandstone, mined especially for this job, putted in vault... went to your residence, then found out you need NO MORE of sandstone. Thanks for updating this thread so forumreaders know what you need! Urgh. Guess i have to vault it back then,..
  11. Sarcasm?? If so, I kinda posted yesterday morning that I had delivered the sandstone... And thanks a lot, I explicitly said I'll get the sandstone, and you didn't even inform me or anyone so I knew (Yes good sir, that is sarcasm). You're just trying to steal the deal! If you ask me; you got what you were asking for.
  12. Sorry about that, friend. But if you're still willing to sell them, I'd like to buy them from you for the price above. I'll gladly pay all the vault fees spent on transferring the items. ;)
  13. Can provide black and light blue wool within 3 days.
  14. Cool, but tclementi1 has already planned to sell me the wool, you might want to discuss with him about this to prevent any conflicts of chest being full after getting items.

    *Updated OP*
  15. Sorry for the earlier post. How many stacks of sandstone are you willing to buy? I still have them in my vault and thanks zabriel for making the vault costs undone. thanks!
  16. No worries, it was my fault for not updating the post. I'd buy 27stacks, a room has been made for you to sell them. :)
  17. Been there, done that. Great thing that i could still be a help ^^ What are you going to build with it actually, if i may ask?
  18. Thanks! Gathering materials to build a pixel art on my sister's residence once we finish digging a 60x60x60 hole.