Looking to Move to a nation Outpost in SMP9's Frontier?

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  1. For those who want to start a life in the wilderness, it can seem like a daunting task of building an outpost while gathering resources and watching out for mobs.

    Estona is a well established wilderness nation outpost in the far Eastern Frontier on SMP9. It consists of two towns, Maximus, the national capital and Darrowmere, a smaller picturesque town which we are looking to home people in who want to move to a life in the wild.

    Estona is very well connected to other wilderness cities as well as those in the former New Republic. There is a nether rail route which connects some of these cities as well as running to the Nether Spawn, which is how Estona is best accessible from Town.

    The countries President is devon699 and the nation is wholly democratic and run with as ethos of sustainability and respect will letting citizens put forward changes which can be debated in our National Assembly in Maximus. Our nation already contains numerous abodes, gardens, towers, stables, a farm, subway from Darrowmere to Maximus and a train station amongst other projects.

    If you would like to become part of this nation then either seek out devon699 or me, wildbeast23 in game while we're online or message me, wildbeast23 on this site, empireminecraft.com where I can arrange a pick up from the Nether Spawn to perhaps your new home in Estona.

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  2. Most of Maximus City
  3. I recently built in darrowmere. its a great town. great ppl. Definately worth the trip
  4. I love estona especially darrowmere
  5. Come visit us! we are friendly and helpful and have a wonderful transit system in place!