Looking To Hire: Skin Maker

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  1. Long story short; I wish to hire someone to make me a skin, as it's time for a change.

    What I want:
    • Skin to look like me, picture may be sent upon request.
    • A naked skin AND a clothed skin.
    • Clothing must look nice.
    A portfolio of skins you've designed isn't required but one would be appreciated.

    I'm looking for quotes on how much r you can do it for and how long you can do it in.

    I will pay HALF the rupees when you start, you will receive the other half when you're finished and I have the skin.

    Happy Holidays! :)
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  2. Lol why do you want a naked skin?
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  3. That is a good question...
  4. Probably so he can make his own clothes some time...
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  5. Exactly this ^
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  6. To have the uppermost authentic experience wile doing so
  7. I could try. I'm good at making hats. Proof? Take a look at a bunch of members, including and not limited to all three admins. I could do it for about 1000rupees. Alsooooo do you want color variation or not
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  8. What do you mean by color variation? If the skin is awesome I'll be willing to pay more than 1k.
  9. like, not a solid color, but like it goes up and down a few shades in the surrounding pixels
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  10. yes please, sir.