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  1. Hello. Ever since being on EMC I've loved helping other people... Donating rupees, helping with projects, and clearing residences. But as I am running low on rupees to give out and donate I haven't been able to help as much. So I was wondering if anyone had some projects they need help on...
    not really anything in particular.

    I have made or helped with:
    and others...
    Please know I will help on things other than these as well.

    I am OK with redstone... so you might need another person if you aren't.

    I am NOT looking for rupees(although it'd be nice :p ) but I would like people to know I helped and that I am willing to help them too. So maybe a sign/signs that say something along the lines of :creepincreepers7 helped with this project and is willing to help you to! Pm him on the EMC website

    I am look forward to helping people(but one at a time) but please know I MIGHT not want to help with some things so please respect that :)

    So either PM me or post on this thread!

    Bye! :)

    P.S. You must provide most materials and it can be on any server other than 3 or 5(sorry :( )
  2. If your feeling very generous you could find diamonds for my igloo village made of diamond blocks coming soon to smp8 :p

    It's expensive, yes. I need about 5 stacks of diamond blocks. I have 43 so far. Any help is appreciated. :)
  3. Okay if I find any soon(have been scared to mine as of late cause of the server reset talk) I will try to remember to bring them to you! :)
  4. Thanks. I honestly didn't expect anyone to help out.

    Wall of fame here you come xD
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  5. I would start now if i wasn't having problems logging on the minecraft :(
  6. It's good to know someone is helping. And i heard about problems... i wonder why.
  7. I am working on a project. I need lots of glass and stone. Just rupees would do right now. And also IceCreamCow told me that they would give us plenty of warning if they would reset the wilderness and 1.3 is obviously a fair way away.
  8. No its just my internet acting up
  9. No the MC login servers are down.
  10. To MBA: yeah I'm aware that we will get warnings ... like I said I'm helping cause I'm nearly out of rupees to give that's why I'm helping but I can get some glass and stone. So what is your project?
  11. Oh is that what it is?
    I'm just playing offline and checking this every once in a while
  12. I am making a skyscraper that will become a mall and the Miner Co. HQ.
  13. What does Miner Co. do? Build?
  14. Wow looks cool.
    Still looking for a building project! :)
  15. Scratch ob my project. I can no longer do it. (Lack of a 3rd res)

    I'm selling the diamonds if anyone wants them.
  16. 50r each. got 5 stacks to sell xD

    16074 on smp8
  17. I could use reliable, good worker, creeper and some donations anyone :)
    Anyway, creeper, i'm making a hotel and there will be a lot of digging too, but if you want to build and not dig, i can find other diggers and you cna build. I'm on smp9, res 19003. Come see me if interested ;)
  18. ok i'll come and help some time. :)