Looking to fill huge res

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  1. ok so i have a huge res on utopia all built however the building is empty and i am looking for some ideas on what to put inside so if you want to come have a look it is res 5153 on utopia
  2. Roller coasters are always cool:)
  3. *Brings out drumroll*
    Such an original idea... A castle with shops hidden around it!!!
  4. there is no current shop inside
  5. I mean build a castle then have category shops in and around it!
  6. i already have the building but it is just empty
  7. put a bedroom, an inside pool, a hot tub, some billiard boards, plants, fish tanks, art, y'know...
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  8. Come have a look and see the size of the res however nice ideas i just need lots more
  9. Make it a villager prison.