Looking to buy snow blocks

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  1. Hey guys, i am looking to buy alot of snow blocks.
    I am buying them 16 for 16R at lot 6493 on smp3 right where you spawn.
    Just follow the Red, white, and blue wool and you'll come to the chest to sell.
    I will buy up to a double chest
    Thanks for your help!
  2. :mad: If only I could get on SMP1
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  3. I sold you about 20 stacks :)
  4. Thank you!
    Feel free to sell any more to me that you have
  5. I will sell you a lot tomorrow :)
  6. I sell snow blocks at 4005 SMP2 :)
  7. Just go to SMP3 (Vault a sword and a ludicrous amount of shovels), go to the wild and go to the East, West and South outposts.

    They're all allocated in snow-generating biomes.
  8. try erosego shop on smp5
  9. Same with utopia, however it takes too much time for the amount of snow that i need.
  10. If you want - i can set up a snow generator for you - takes about 3 sec for a stack of balls.
  11. Never heard of a snow generator
  12. How?
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  13. i know a snow golem!
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  14. Here you go. Simple design, not resource intensive.
    You can do another block like cobble or something, but not dirt, gravel or the like.