looking to buy large amount of wool

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  1. looking to buy cyan, black, gray, blue and green for 1r each in large amounts not just 2 for 2r something like 16 for 16r or higher
  2. Still need that wool? I just started a wool factory to open a shop soon. Interested?
  3. absolutely what are ur prices and how much wool do u have
  4. Once I get on I'll just mass sheer. I don't have very much at the moment, but for a customer, I'll put lots of time in, maybe even hire some people to help, You're offering 1 wool for 1r. Would that be a good price still?
  5. I have a double chest full with black wool, i also have few stacks of cyan, contact me tomorrow if you still need some :3
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  6. I'm at work and I have a class tonight. I should be able to log onto EMC after my class and spend quite a few hours sheering.

    Pretty much how much do you need? I'll do what it takes to get the job done asap.
  7. It's normal blue and normal green, not light blue or lime green right?
  8. 11456 8 pieces for 5r i restock a ton every friday staurday and sunday
  9. yea 1 r is a good price and u got it normal blue and normal green
    i'd love to buy the double chest and the few stacks message me when u are available
  10. i believe i already bought u out a little while a ago for the colors i need thx
  11. I sell mine 10-12 for 16 at 643 but I dont have all ur colours of wool so I guess ur not interested
  12. I mean... 10 - 12 Rupees for 16 wool
  13. I'll buy some wats ur res #
  14. 643 is ma res no.