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  1. Hello all,

    I am looking to buy 5 flame II bows that you may have lying around. I do not care what else the bow may have on it. I am looking for Flame II mainly. If you are interested in selling a Flame II product please PM me or... we can talk and haggle prices in this thread cause I'm sure the community knows the price ranges of a Flame II bow which I think would be cool.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. For sale:
    Flame II, infinity, unbreaking III, power V
    4,750 as best as I can remember.

    Smp8 @ 17972 armory in lower level
    Signs on chest.
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  3. snip...

    Thank you Katy. I did go by your shop and grab one to test. The test failed. I have and Infinity/Mending/Flame bow and I was trying to make it Flame II but alas it would not turn Flame to Flame II. The one I do have with Flame II on I must have started with Flame II and added the Infinity and Mending back in the short time you could make those. Hind sight... I should have made a lot more of them before the combo got nerfed by Mojang.

    I appreciate your help Katy,


    P.S. That is still a good bow I got from you. :)
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  4. FYI The Infi-mend bows are good for only collection anyway. I use a Power 5 - Punch 2 - Flame 2 - Infinity - UB3 .. ok a maxed bow with flame 2. When it gets low on health, I take it to an anvil and fix it up with other bows, keeping every enchant - making it just like a mending bow. It now takes me 39 levels to fully heal my bow. That's after repairing it a few times but it maxes at 39 levels. So in theory, you can have a perm bow that way.
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  5. Yes. You have to start with a Flame II bow and add other enchants on. They can be acquired as drops from fighting Marlix & company.
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  6. I think that is the way I am going to go in the future now Merek and Katy. I just fought a Momentus and company but all I got was shiny flesh and a couple of dragon stone fragments. I might need to turn my difficulty up a bit to get the extra drops. I got mine set to 5 (normal) most of the time. I might try 6 or 7 but I'm scared of them difficulties. :eek:

    Is it just a Marlix and company that drop Flame II bows or can Momentus and company drop those too? I'm not sure, it's been a while.

    Thanks for any info in advance,

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  7. If I remember correctly, it's the enraged skeletons that Marlix spawns to help him out, that can drop those bows.
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