looking to buy enchanted pick

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  1. Hello fellow (amazing) Empire Minecrafters!

    today has been a heart breaking day as while i was destroying blocks, my efficiency5 died. this is a horrid horrid thing, i may have cried.
    i am in the market of a new one!
    looking for anything with efficiency of at least 4, it can have unbreaking/fortune/or whatever else, i am not looking for a silktouch though. anything else i am game for.

    maybe this wont be such a sad day. lol :D
  2. I can sell you a diamond pickaxe with Unbreaking III and Efficiency V for 6k.
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  3. that is beast. where i go to get such a pick!?!
  4. Come to 5377 on Utopia and I will hold it in one of the auction winner rooms for you. If that is inconvenient I can take it to a different server.
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  5. nope! perfect.
  6. Done, thanks! :)
  7. Also, in the future, I have some nicely priced picks on smp2, v 3456 on the green floor. all kinds.

    Eff IV, Unb III are like 2500 i think
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  8. i shall keep this in mind.
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  9. If you want I will sell you eff. IV to you
  10. LOL, battmeghs I got 1 post more than you! :p
  11. i already got one, so for now i am in no need for one, but thanks
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