Looking to buy... earn 1100R

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  1. Hello empire, i am looking for somebody to sell me a chestful of Snow Blocks
    I am willing to buy 2 chestfuls (single) for 1100R for 1 chest.
    If you are interested, leave me a message or PM me and i will buy it off of you.
  2. If you don't already have someone working on this for you, I am on the job right now. Will take a little bit of time, but I will expedite it. I am on smp3, and thanks!
  3. according to this post you signature is a lie lol.
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  4. Once you are done with his, I'd take a couple as well.
  5. Mrlegitislegit is gatting me snow
  6. Well you know, you can't do it all.
    I do everything else myself, but you know... i just dont feel like gathering that much snow
  7. You do the paying yourself ;)
  8. lol ya i hate getting snow its annoying.why do u even need that much?
  9. Well if the price is the same, then since he doesn't need it, I will sell to you!
  10. Sounds great. I'm on SMP2, I'll make a chest buying them. SMP2 lot 3764
  11. ignoramoose i would be able to get u some
  12. In less then than 10 minutes i bet i could have a chestfull
  13. Then come sell it!