Looking to buy a silk touch pick

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  1. I am looking to buy an unused silk touch pick. It can also have other enchantments, but what i'm looking for is silk touch. I am willing to pay over 10k
  2. I have a Diamond silk touch I pick brand new or are you looking for a higher level?
  3. There is only silk touch I there is no higher lvl of it
  4. Yeah about that...It took me 46 levels to get it is that right?
  5. Silk Touch is a high level enchantment. So yeah it is right. You can be really lucky at level 25 too. Actually around there is the local minima for silk touch considering the experience cost. This means if you do enchants with lvl 25 you will have your silk touch faster then with lvl 46 this is due the fact that you are a lot faster lvl 25 then lvl 46. But you will waste a couple of your diamond pickaxes, becuase you do more tries. Also you have better chances on good multiple enchants such as unbreaking with a higher lvl. It is really a lot to explain how you do the enchanting stuff. Easiest way is to have a spawner and just go for level 50. You will get the highest level enchants and have a pick of value :).
  6. Ty for the info!
  7. I can make one but ill have to be 15k plus
  8. I have one Silk Touch I pickaxe, I sell it for 14k. Please let me know if you agree with the price and i will set up a sign in a room only accessible by you.
  9. Actually I dont think it is worth it. You get the oportunity to mine ores and some limited other rescources (glowstone works better with fortune 3 in my opinion) But on the other hand there is also the opportunity to loose the pick. And there are a lot of shops which sell stuff you can receive with silk touch. Mostly you get enough meterials for the same amount of rupee the pick actually cost. Just that you have no farm costs and no risk in loosing the pick if you buy the stuff. I think there are few possibilities that it pays off.
  10. Pavi I'll sell it to you for 600r if your still willing to buy it.
  11. Alright 12k then, but i put all 50 levels of xp in it, would be cool if i would get a better return then only 600r turtle is selling it for ^^
  12. I don't understand why its so valuable? Maybe i'm just really lucky lol
  13. 600r yes

    i guess
  14. I'm sorry I will sell you the pick for 600r but I wont sell it again for that low of a price again. I just feel bad that I didn't know the value of the item.
  15. well is it just silk touch. cuz i dont wanna rob you....