Looking to buy a Lot of Lapis Blocks

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  1. Hey guys i need a ton of lapis blocks and am willing to buy for 25r (9/11 memorial replica)
    I will set up a shop at 10005 bring ALL your lapis
  2. what do you do with the rupees when people donate?

    do you make sure you spend them all?
  3. Yeah i have been getting a large influx of them and the things i need are expensive "lapis" "glowstone"
    A 100r donation can get maybe 2 of each and if you see my res i need a TON. Though like previously stated ALL donations accepted!!
  4. hmmm are you re-creating the towers?
  5. No lol that is my next project on my 2nd res. I am recreating the memorials in NYC they are basically footprints of the "once" towers
  6. ahhhhhh nice ill do my best to donate
  7. Yeah i have found a bunch of glowstone sellers but have been out of luck with lapis blocks
  8. yeah OH OH OH I HAVE ONE
    DARK_LIZ smp1
  9. Why don't you use water?
  10. No i used water but there is a void at the center of the memorials. I am lining it with Glowstone and Lapis (due to the donations i have been getting). I have the money for it i just need a supplier.
  11. I could get glowstone, how much are you thinking? also with lapis, and a price for both
  12. What server?
  13. kk ill be over
  14. EMC y u no donate lapis?
  15. I'm selling Lapis Blocks for 36r in my shop (smp5, 11290) just in case you can't find more in time.
  16. Ok thanks buttros
  17. Justin has donated literally tonnes of lapis, you just have to find them in natural ore form underground in the wilderness. :)

    Unfortunately EMC can't officially donate items to player projects as everyone would request donations, and it would be unfair to approve some donations and deny others.
    Of course staff are free to personally donate anything they wish if they like. :)
  18. do u want silk touch??? you can buy it from me if u want just tell me
  19. ^Wait wut?
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