Looking to buy a few items.

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  1. Fortune Diamond pick. The higher level the better
    Pine Logs. A few stacks.
    Chests. Very many, maybe a stack?
    Diamond shovels. Will definitely take enchanted ones, need like 3 or 4.

    PM me or post here if you have some or all of these items.

    I also need some bone meal and Pine Saps
  2. Seriously why is nobody posting?
  3. Okill dell it to u
  4. i have an unused fort2 diamond pick
  5. Importerer how much and Equinex which of the items, how many of them, and how many r?
  6. Sure, wanna come to smp6 or should i come to your server?
  7. come to my res, smp1?
  8. kk, 1 minute
  9. Pine planks 1 sta k 45r
  10. What server
  11. Read my sig. Lol :)
  12. Come @ 429 in smp1 :)
  13. Pine at 4421 SMP2, I think..
  14. Fortune 3 unbreak 3 eff iv diamond pick 13500