Looking for workers to help in a massive scale ore and cobble overhaul

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  1. Hello I am a expert miner and I have decided that it would be a Good idea to make a massive scale mine shaft to bedrock for this I will need people willing to help mine out the area in the wild the area to be mined will be a 60x60 square for this he items you will need are:
    Min 5 picks if diamonds min 2
    Torches over 128
    Ladder to get back up from bedrock level
    Shovel if diamond min 2 other mine 5
    Sword as many as needed min 2
    Water buckets
    Armor what ever type
    With this you will be trusted with being there when you are available and I will need 4 others to help me in the HQ which will be at the top of the mine shaft the position will be to the first people to give a good response and I will post the 4 people who will help me there will be other jobs to do like I will need 5 supervisors to supervise and help the miners. If you on this operation you fall into lava and die a graveyard will be set up and you shal
    have new tools and other bits. The job list will be below this

    5 supervisors
    As many miners possible
    4 assistant directors
    A suicide person
    4 fighters

    The from must look like this

    Please remember the jobs are limited apart from the miner job
    I am looking forward to getting lots of replies and work shal begin when I have my staff ready
    See you all soon
  2. I can sell you some crafting tables if like.
  3. There is now 3 more jobs available
    New jobs:
    2 chefs
    4 bow and arrow protectors
    4 grifer protectors
    And I also have 1 assistant director which is chihuahapup now I need 3 more
  4. Its kind of hard to protect from grifers but I suggest a obsidian wall and a secret door.
  5. Ok good idea mr Legitislegit and would you be willing to help me?
  6. Ok I like that idea and will you be able to help me
  7. You can buy them at 4191
  8. Username_Skullz730
    Experience_I enjoy digging, that's sort of it, I'm not sure if you could be pro at digging a block with a pick ax.
    Skills_I can swing a pick ax.

    Question. What server do you plan on performing this quarry? And are tools provided, or do you bring your own tools?
  9. 2 chefs? But nah sorry awesome, I'm busy with my shop and utopia stuff :)
    I could be a part-time miner though?
  10. Ok to alex yeah sure you can be a part time miner and to skullz thanks for the submission and yeah you can be a miner and for the question you can bring your own and I will also have tools that you can get just ask if u need them and it will be on smp2
  11. I might be a miner. The pay, if its in rupees, must be over 10, or if its half of what I pull out, then thats good.
  12. I will pay you 500r but no one else ok
  13. Sold. When do I start.
  14. You can start as zoom as I get the assistant directors the permission and have the area marked out which will be soon