looking for user to do redstone for storage

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  1. hello! iv recently been wanting to remake my storage into i guess you could say a
    'better' one, so im planning on doing the Tango Tek disign, which can be seen here:

    any ways, as an artist, i barly have time to come online and work on huge projects like
    this, plus i have a few personal issues im dealing with, so i have little to no time to
    work on this new storage. i did do one in a single player world and it worked, but when
    i did it in emc it wouldnt work, either i built it wrong or its the server.

    any ways, so thats why iv come here! im looking to hire someone to do the redstone
    for me, ill supply the materials/blocks and we can work out how much you want for
    payment, im pretty flexible tho i do like getting a deal lol.

    i have the whole area dug out, and have beacons set up for speed and haste.
    click the link below to can see how the res for the storage looks

    im not im a big rush to get it finished, i still have my 'old' storage im using so i can hold
    all my junk while its being built, im currently working out how many of the modulus i
    need built but ik i wont need the whole res for it lmao, currently counting up the blocks etc for it

    just leave a comment if your interested! ty~
  2. the res number is 9600 on smp4 if you want to look at what your working with in person
  3. Moved to Player Jobs Available, since this is looking for someone to perform a service for you. :)
  4. Seems interesting, I'm leaving a comment

    *drops comment*