Looking for texture pack designer

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  1. Like the title says I just want this xp bar (only the rainbow part)https://m.imgur.com/aLBA9Zg I'll pay 1k for who ever can make it I'd try to if I'd brought my computer on vacation :p
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  2. The xp bar is part of the icons.png file in a texture pack. That file manages hearts, ping bars, armor bars, food, and a few other things. Basically, it's impossible to modify the xp bar without modifying those other things too, considering we don't know your texture pack.

    But it wasn't too hard to just find the xp bar off of Google and make it its own pack. I didn't remake it, I found the exact one.


    Just download this file and load it over your current texture pack, whatever that is. In the screenshot below, I have a bunch of texture packs selected. When you select two different packs with conflicting textures (in the screenshot below, Amaranth 32x has an icons file, and so does the Rainbow XP Bar) the texture of the folder that's higher on the list is used. So even though Amaranth 32x has an icons file, the icons from the XP bar pack are used.

    You'll notice I have a few other texture packs selected, too. They're a lightmap, which changes the way the game renders light (basically it's fullbright/gamma from a texture pack) and a sword texture. None of them conflict with the Rainbow XP bar pack because they only contain one texture each.

    tl;dr as long as you put this at the top of the texture pack list you'll be fine. Just use it on top of your existing texture pack.
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