Looking for Terraria players

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Ritunn, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. Having recently bought the game on Steam a few days ago. I'm now looking for people to play the game with as it does have a great single player mode, but I want to do some multiplayer. So if you play Terraria (preferably on Steam) then I would love to play with you!
    Just to note I got like 9 dollars Canadian left on Steam so if you can suggest a game that would be great!
  2. I have it, add me on steam, my name is biryanigaming
  3. I happen to play Terraria from time to time.
  4. If you're inclined to know my Steam name is Shadow_dcord if you wish to add me.
  5. Looking for a few more people now that I've officially set up base post here before sending please.
  6. I have you on steam, just wondering what time you're usually online?
  7. I'm ussaly on at 7:30est
  8. I play Terraria :D
  9. Then send me a friend request on steam
  10. I can play it whenever _Ulti isn't playing it. If I did play it, I would have no idea what it is I'm doing though.