Looking for Suppliers!

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  1. Hello All,
    I am in need of suppliers because I have very low stock on items I need in bulk.
    I am looking for "full-time" suppliers, meaning I need people who can consistently supply me with a specific item for a negotiated price. Each Full-Time supplier will be given their own Supplier's Room, with chests set up for them to sell to.
    Here is the list of items I need supplied, and an idea of what I want to pay:

    Logs = 45r/Stack
    Stone = 32r/Stack
    Sand = 24r/Stack
    Sandstone = 54r/Stack
    Glass = 54r/Stack
    Gold= 600r/Stack 550r/Stack
    Emeralds = 20r/each
    Diamond = 70r/each
    Quartz = 192r/Stack
    Glowstone = 800r/Stack
    Wool = 32r/Stack
    Paper = 540r/DC
    Iron: 10k/DC
    Quartz Ore: 10r/each
    Coal: 4r/8

    All prices are negotiable.

    To apply to be a Full-Time Supplier, please send me a PM with this format:
    What I can Supply:
    How Much I can Supply:
    My Price:

    I will reply and we will make a deal :)
  2. I'll do gold, I'll pm you later
  3. Temp Closed because I just blew 115k!! Will reopen soon
  4. Back open!
    I need of Sand, Glass and Sandstone especially!
  5. How much gold are you buying atm?
  6. How much stone are you buying ATM ?
  7. Woops sorry I forgot to reply to your PM! I'll do so now
  8. How much gold are you buying?
  9. So what items are still in need?
  10. Not much need for gold atm, and I have to lower the price, but maybe 2 stacks at most :)
    Anything that is listed :)
  11. buying quartz, cause i got a ton ;)
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  12. Bump! New items added!
  13. Re-Opening supplier jobs! All items in need, PM me your offers!