Looking for Suppliers!

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  1. Hello people!
    I am currently working on SMP9's newest Mega Mall, and I am in need of full time and part time suppliers!

    You may be wondering what I mean by full time and part time. Full time suppliers are people that are actually "hired" by myself to be a supplier. These people must be dependable, fast, and very active on EMC. Full Time suppliers will have a set price for the products they supply, which will be negotiated based on the prices I have listed below, and will have access to designated Supplier Rooms. In most cases, Full Time suppliers ony work with Bulk items.
    Full Time supporters must apply for the job.

    Part Time Suppliers can just sell whatever they have for a set price. Everybody who can sell needed supplies to me is considered a Part Time supplier, and there for the Supplier's Hall will be open to everybody.

    Below is a list of what I am offering for each material. Please note what quantity each price is listed for, either STACK, SC or DC. These are the set prices for Part Time Suppliers, but Full Time Suppliers may negotiate with me.
    Please not that the prices are set as I will be reselling them in my mall.

    Sandstone (Regular and Smooth): Stack: 60r
    Stone (Smooth and Brick): Stack: 40r
    Obsidian: Stack: 600r
    Quartz (Flake Form): DC: 9.7k 10k
    Logs: Stack: 70r
    Glass: Stack: 60r Found Supplier
    Glowstone: Stack: 600r
    Diamonds: Stack: 2880r 3k
    Gold: Stack: 640r
    Wool: Stack: 48r 60r
    LEATHER: 7r each
    Netherbrick (Block Form) Stack: 60r
    Netherrack: Stack: 10r
    Iron: Stack: 120r
    Soul Sand: Stack: 50r

    As of now those are the only materials I need to stock up on. I will update this post when needed.
    As of right now this is only open to Full Time suppliers, until I can get the Supplier's hall Finished.
    If you are intressted In becoming a Full Time supplier, PM me with the following:

    What You can Supply
    How much you can supply

    I will Then set up a Supplier Room for you :)


    Edit 08/07/13
    Glass and Sandstone Suppliers Found

    Edit 12/07/13
    Adjusted Prices for Quartz, Wool and Diamonds

    Edit 13/07/13
    Added Leather, Iron, Soul Sand, Netherbrick Blocks and netherrack

    Edit 16/07/13
    Found More Supplies, Items removed

    Edit 18/07/13
    Opened up items I need suppliers for!
  2. Bump, I have Full Time suppliers for Glass and Sandstone. PM Me if you can supply any other item! :D
  3. I could possibly get a few chests of obsidian...
  4. Bump, I'm in the need for suppliers of wool of all colours especially!
  5. Another bump! I have adjusted prices for a few items. Again, if you are able to supply anything, please send me a PM!
  6. I'm not sure how I missed this post... :confused:
    Anyways please send me a PM with the amount you can supply :)
  7. Bump! In need of Logs especially!
    Also added a few more items!
  8. As a member of epic inc, I should say that we can supply you with necessary materials, part time. We are already working on a DC of quartz blocks.
  9. This is great news!
    If you could please send me a PM with the quantity you could supply, or how often you could, I would be most thankful :)
  10. We can supply you with ALL materials you need, it just might take us a while to get the materials
  11. Bump, Looking for more suppliers! Please PM me!
  12. Bump! I am in desperate need of Sandstone and all Logs ATM

    Edit: I have had quite a few people apply to become Full Time suppliers, and I really appreciate that, but please keep in mind that I will need the Supplies in bulk, usually I am looking for multiple DCs. If you are NOT able to supplier large amounts of items, please refrain from applying.
  13. I have a DC of sandstone and some that I do not have a use for,I will PM later about it :p
  14. Bump!
    Looking For sandstone and quartz especially!
  15. Are you able to take part-time suppliers yet? I can get you some of what you need but not in large enough quantities to qualify as full-time.