Looking for Suppliers (smp6)

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  1. Im in need of people to fill up my shop chests with a fair price (if mine is unfair message me market shifts alot)

    at the moment move is off on my residence if you are interested in selling to me you will be granted move perms along with a special chest of anything you wish to sell in dc bulk that i need message me or inquire within. :)
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  2. so do you just need anything and everything?
  3. pretty much, most easily farmable things i can get my hands on pretty easily but when i open its going to become overwhelming.

    also people selling to me could make me more aware of price shifts on the fly then i would get normally (including before i open)
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  4. You buying TNT and EXP bottles? And are you selling EMC items?
  5. yes, yes, and no
  6. What res number?
  7. I can help with animals and wood, thats it.
  8. ^i do need eggies! and exotic woods
  9. im moreso looking for people who dont have a shop and have a surplus of thingy's to stop by occasionally and be like bam! sc of pig eggs or whateva.
    or to come in and be like this price sux
    /msg bitemenow15 your a big dum doodie poophead and your price on lapis ore smells like camel farts and baking soda it should be ____ instead. also banana
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  10. I can sell you about 50 DCs of melons if you want.
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  11. What kind of eggies?
  12. any of em! cept horses cause their eggs r dum
  13. I got you on iron, if the price is right :)
  14. RUUUUUUDE After a current order I have, I'll start getting you some
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  15. the majority of what i want supplied atm is redstone things, repeaters, comparators, torches, droppers and unsticky pistons :p so if yall wanna sell me those id be a grateful lil butterfry

    also high level enchanted books!!! although with all the shops closing or changing prices for 1.8 idk what they are at so lemme know!!!!
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  16. cmon gaizzz sell me things!
  17. My alt account cucamber cannot enter your res to sell you things. Can you fix that?
  18. yeah sure