Looking For Suppliers (Full Time and regular)

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  1. I opened my Mega Mall last week and I am finding it very hard to keep stock. I need people to supply me with A LOT of stuff.

    Stuff I am Buying +Prices*
    Netherbrick- 80r/stacks
    Cobble- 32r/stack
    Stone- 60r/stack (stone brick as well)
    Logs- 64r/stack
    Planks- 64r/ 4 stacks (16r/stack)
    Obsidian- 300r/stack
    Sand- 32r/stack
    Sandstone- 64r/stack
    Glass- 64r/stack
    Diamonds- 2k.stack
    Iron- 300r/stack
    Gold- 700r/stack
    Emerald- 1k/stack
    Exp Bottle- 700r/stack
    Glowstone- 640r/stack
    Wool- 550/stack (all Colours)
    Leaves- 32r/stack
    Spawn Eggs- 640r/stack (except chickens)
    Diamond Picks- 50r/each
    Iron Pick- 20r/each
    Gold Picks- 25r/each
    Endstone- 640r/stack

    If you are able to sell me any of these please PM me. I can set up a sell shop or it can be manually done. If people are willing to be a constant supplier for 2 or more of these items, please PM me.