Looking for Sulphur (gunpowder) will pay top rupee

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  1. I'm looking for gunpowder need about ten stacks anyone willing to sell?
  2. Wow, that's a lot of sulphur!
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  3. Yup! Been going around the servers looking for shops and only found about two stacks.
  4. Sulfur at 1303om smp1
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  5. Have 1or2 stacks but ill get more
  6. I have more than you will ever need, let me know if you don't find any.
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  7. Nice
  8. Ty for all the powdery goodness that makes four out of ten stacks :)
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  9. Np
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  10. All ur sulphur needs at smp 2 v 3456. On yellow floor under mob drops. I had 11 stacks yesterday
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  11. Ty for your help Leo!
  12. can I ask what you're using it for?
  13. Splash potion of healing.
  14. wow. that's a lot of splash potions :D
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  15. Yeah just stocking up while I still have an advantage with the out of town vault.
  16. Gunpowder @ 428 and more items
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