looking for store that sells large amount of

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  1. hopefully fairly cheap wool in large amounts
  2. how much wool are u looking for
  3. hey if ur looking 4 wool i know just the right guy iamfuturetrunks from spm1
    nice guy, nice shop, cheap wool
  4. yea he sells wool
    wat colour u need he has all
  5. white or cyan
  6. he has every single wool
  7. It may seem like a pain in the neck, but i recommend breeding a stack of sheep and shearing them for their wool yourself. From personal experience it may take a little longer, but it saves a truckload of rupees, and you only need to dye the parents, and all the babies will be same colour :)
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  8. lol good idea thats why i have around 70 sheep but im trying to finish my lawn so i figured i just help out others i have bought about 1000r of wool from 1 guy and about 750r of lapis from so one else lol
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  9. also Nolan ill be happy to help donate free wool
  10. i dont feel right accepting donations im not in the wool compition
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  11. idc im am happy to help u with wat u r building
  12. not really building anything lol just wanted my lawn to by cyan wool about 1/3 of the way there maybe less