[Looking] For someone with Server Knowledge. (Not Admins or mods)

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Code_Surfer, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. I am looking for someone to create a server for me them and a couple friends for a lets play server.
  2. Youtube and Google are your friends :D
  3. Thats to hard for me cause i cant do the portforwarding part and all i need is someone to make a server and we can share it.
  4. Bump need help.
  5. That's for local host. Meaning, only people on your IP address can connect.

    I use Hamachi to port forward, it's pretty easy to use.
  6. i tryed hamaichi but it didnt svae the world and was a pain in the butt so im looking for someone with a private server for me and my friends to play on.
  7. it's not Hamachi that saves the world, it's Hamachi that gives the server it's IP.
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  8. Whoever started the server is the one at fault, not hamachi.
  9. I got told through text not video so...
    EDIT: it is also to confusing for me to do.
  10. I suggest heading on over to YouTube, and look for a Hamachi Minecraft server tutorial. It is very unlikely anyone here would set up a server for you on their own computer for free, which would slow it down for themselves and their security could be threatened, and according to the rules, you aren't allowed to discuss and form of transaction for such a purchase on these forums.
  11. Oh ok thank you for this useful info.
  12. I may have one available for use, but PM from now on, we are not allowed to discuss it publicly.