Looking for someone to build me a brain

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  1. HAHA but really i keep trying to do it myself and it looks like crap so ima pay someone more talented then me to build me one.

    the problem is it needs to fit in an 18 long by 15 wide and high
    in here:

    you can build it on your own res or wherever you like using whatever materials you think will look best

    it doesnt have to be a masterpeice but it needs to be a 3d model and recognisable. pm me with prices or post in here

    people keep asking why i need a model of a brain, well the theme of that residence requires it so im willing to pay to see it done right

    my failure:

    again this is a scale model of the 3d human brain for everyone asking
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  2. Well I poked around the internet and found a model for one in Minecraft would you like to send you a link?
  3. still need a builder for this Shadow's version was too large