looking for someone to build a conceptual store on my res

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  1. rules:
    1. no digging more then three blocks down (id like it to be high up if possible)
    2. no smoothstone, dirt, or cobble used in obvious places.
    3. has to be big enough for a mega mall at some point
    4. have to have some kind of rough draft to submit to me (can be a drawing on paper or screencaps of other things)
    5. your quote is final unless we agree upon changes that would increase the price after you begin construction

    otherwise go nuts, potentially id like to include people in this store so if you are a good supplier as well as builder you have a chance to make a decent profit from the shared store wealth (there are two other suppliers who may be working for me already so we should keep pretty well stocked plus we live in the wild so more raw resources are at our disposal)

    you can even copy ideas from other stores elsewhere if you like, i just need to know so i can liquidate assets.

    my res is on smp6
  2. I'd be interested...

    1) So a few more specifics - what are you looking for, any more details on floors, items, ect.?
    2) How much for?
  3. i just want it to be presentable really it doesn't have to be ridiculously extravagant but like a teleporter room if there are many floors or just a really nice shell of a building i am still kind of new to the whole concept so i cant really put to words what i want (thus my leaving it up to whoever's artistic license)

    i have a price of about 30k in my head but i dont really know what a project like this would run me tbh so i could be underselling myself
  4. Alex is a more experienced builder than i am, but i would be glad to help. If I am chosen, will i supply or you?
  5. kind of depends on what your concept is lol if you are gonna make a diamond building i cant supply that realistically but most blocks i can get my hands on without too much trouble in the wild
  6. I mean, the only blocks i can realistically supply in bulk is stone, cobble, and stone bricks.... anything else im not sure.
  7. if you can make something good looking out of that hey im down. i just wanted to weed out the people that were like "im going to make a cobble square" from the getgo, i can get my hands on dc's of wood if you need it as well as a whole bunch of other random things i got stored up around everywhere
  8. I can make a good design with stone, oak log, and some stone brick? id want to build in sp to make sure you like?
  9. that works
  10. Ok, so i was thinking a design like this? the mycel looks like a good floor and the building is a good design, this is only the teleport/donations room btw but it will all be this general design, i can change floor if youd like. 2013-02-27_19.16.56.png
  11. looks nice, could you make like some kind of sun design in the middle with the lamps? in the center I want to make a special teleport to like a showcase room otherwise this could work real well
  12. i can do that one sec lemme go on sp, work something out and ill post a updated pic :)
  13. 2013-02-27_19.38.27.png
  14. If Amused's build doesn't suit what you're looking for I can probably whip something up in SP quickly, but looks like Amused has you covered :)
  15. he is doing fine atm ill keep you in mind tho thanks :D
  16. Hey, if amused needs any help with the building aspect, im good with that sort of stuff, im excellent at working round wood too, check out my plots 993 , 1270 on smp1