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  1. I'm looking for a residence surrounding spawn.

    * I want to build something nice. Spawn Pyramids look strange compared to SMP1.
    * It will be for the community, not some pyramid which takes up space for community buildings.
    * Previously there was an open res for anyone to build in. Sadly that was replaced by another pyramid.
  2. It may lure some offers if you were to post what you are willing to pay for a corner spawn residence and a frontal spawn residence.
  3. no one is going to give their smp9 spawn residence only corner. I mean they're pyramids they worked hard on them and they just don't want to sell it or give it away. Smp9 is kinda for pyramids. And if you get one you'll ruin the trend of pyramids
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  4. To be honest I know not many will sell. I bought my 3rd spawn res on smp6 for 1.6 mill. And that was cheap as I need it for a 6 res build
  5. I have 18017 but it would cost tons
  6. I remember reading a little news report a while back about how SMP9 spawn was ugly.

    It most certainly is, no offence. But when I went on SMP9 for the first time I actually went:

    "Wow, this is awful compared to SMP1..."
  7. I would prefer people PM their offers to me.

    However, I will most certainly pay more for a frontal spawn than I would for a corner spawn. The design would look awful otherwise.

    I plan to build up a Main Street leading out from it where people who want to make massive projects can apply for a res.