Looking for Silk Touch Pick with other enchantments! willpay 10k+

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  1. Looking for a diamond pickaxe with:
    Silk Touch 1
    either: Unbreaking or Effiency or both

    I will pay quite a bit atm I have 20k so money is not in the question.
    I will not pay overprice I have been searching on forums and ingame and they usually go for 10k or less depending on certain enchantments maybe more...

    If you want to sell me one: post on my wall, on this post, contact me ingame (SMP1)

    I know the wildy is getting reset soon and xp grinders will go away. I will pay a bit more knowing this because people think they wont have xp things for awhile..

    Update: I will not pay over 16k!
  2. I think I have 1 or 2, but I can't get on for a while :/ I'll post when I get back on :)
  3. Got 1 Silk touch
  4. Martijnfct1 ill buy it from you for 13.5k
  5. hey dumbag its my thread start ur own mart ill pay when u wanna meet? and how much ill pay 14k or so does it have any other enchantments and is it used?
  6. I'm selling silktouch efficiency III on my residence for 10k. You can buy it if you still need one.
  7. which smp?
  8. SMP3, res 6046.
  9. im there were in store?
  10. thanks zabriel!
  11. Idk if mart would notice a forum w/ his name on it ok. not everyone checks them alot.
  12. doesnt matter i have thepick also it was another sentence i forgot to make another sentence
  13. idc i have one now for cheaper than 10k