Looking For Shop Materials

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  1. Hey guys
    I've been gone for quite a while and I really want to hustle up on creation of a new shop. It has only 2 floors done so far.

    I have 116k rupees, but I do not want to go below 80 if at all possible
    Anyways, I need:
    • Single chest of cobbles
    • x2 double chest of raw stone
    • x2 double chest of stone bricks / raw stone
    • x2 double chest of glass
    • 10 stacks of glowstone blocks
    • 10 stacks of leather
    Also, I am going to be settling a wilderness outpost with my brother. I need rails, so if you have

    • Iron Supply (Probably ~Sc)
    • Gold (Probably only a few stacks or so
    Then I could use some of that too
    If you can sell me any of these items (I don't think I'll have much problem with the SC of cobble ;) ) then please post below about what you have to sell, how much, and where I can pick it up
    Thanks :)

    Raw Stone (2 Double Chests)
    Glass (2 Double Chests)
    Glowstone Blocks (9 Stacks)
    Gold Ingots/Bullion/Bar/Thingy (4 Stacks)
  2. I could do the cobble/stone/stone brick/leather/iron :) Start a PM with me.
  3. I have a DC of glowstone blocks.
  4. Is buying like, the first row of that chest ok, because I don't think I'll need much more
  5. I can probably get you the iron and gold.
  6. Ok, I believe I need about 4 stacks of gold ingots only, and basically as much iron as you can get