Looking for Shop Attendants

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  1. So. My shop has been swamped with activity recently, and so I am almost constantly out of stock. I already have a few friends helping out, but they can't necessarily work all the time. I am looking for a maximum of 2 players to attend my shop. You will be required to:
    Man the Help Desk
    Stock items (Usually just moving items from chest to chest)
    Help customers
    Occasionally help me with projects

    NOTE: This is for SMP2 players, or others who plan to spend most of their time on SMP2.

    I am working on a warehouse to store all of my backup items. The attendant(s) would ferry items from the warehouse to the shop chests whenever I run out of something. I will select the best candidates from the field of applicants once the warehouse is usable (should be sometime in April, hopefully).

    Rules of the Job:
    You will get access to the Help Desk and Container flag. You will only receive other flags temporarily and as needed. If anyone steals from my chests, then all attendants (excluding personal friends) will be PERMANENTLY BANNED from my res. I am very reluctant to trust anyone after having to fire multiple employees following a stealing issue. Therefore, any applicants will need to fill out the following application:

    How long have you been playing MC?: (version, e.g Beta 1.5, or month and year)
    How long have you been playing Empire Minecraft?: (specific date and year, this can be found on your profile page)
    What projects are or have you been working on most recently? If no recent projects, put N/A
    Please list at least 3 (4 or 5 would better your chances slightly) players who can vouch that you are trustworthy.
    Please specify how you know each of the players in the question above. (real life, met on EMC, etc)
    Have you ever been banned or kicked (by mod or admin, not system) from EMC for breaking the rules? Please explain if so.
    Please give residence number(s) of the plots you OWN.
    Do you promise and swear that you will not grief or steal from me, and that you understand the consequences if you do?
    Any additional info you would like me to know?

    My res is at 3043 on smp2 if you wanna check it out.
    Note: I reserve the right to decline an application or fire an employee for any reason that I see as valid. Pay will be discussed once employees are chosen. I also reserve the right to terminate the job application process at any time for any reason I deem valid.