Looking For sandstone

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  1. Ok so hey guys, I am looking for a ton of sandstone preferably 20 stacks of 64. I will pay about 200 rupees for each stack. SEND me a PM, with the amount of sandstone you have and what server and about howmuch you want for each stack. Thanks guys.
  2. Well if you need sandstone, i have some for sale on lot 6493 on smp3
  3. How much, and how many for the amount?

    Happy Diggin,
  4. I suggest the wild. Its free, and it never runs out!
  5. I got 4 stacks pain toko about an hour.
  6. Well i have sandstone trade, so idk what the price is. it could be between 40-80
  7. 12 stacks on smp1 , 414 , 64r for 32. Enjoy.