Looking for repairer

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  1. I need someone to be my repairer, cuz im too lazy to repair stuff myself. Tell me prices and Ill choose someone, *this will be an off an on job and must be up to it at all time :p*

    EDIT: Im talking about enchants *derp*
  2. Me volunteer, same price as last time xD
  3. well I cant do same price as last time, I have enchanted stuff that isnt all take level 39...
  4. Ah, hrm
    I believe last time was like 300r?
    I'll do all for 500r-600r
  5. No, I was thinking 400r for the level 39 maybe, and 300r for any other level?
  6. Ok, thats good
  7. I've seen new Unbreaking 3/Fortune 3/Efficiency 4 picks for anywhere between 1.5k-4k. Why would I want to dump 30 levels plus 3 or 4 diamonds into a repair for a few hundred Rupees? At 50r each, the diamonds alone are eating up most of what you are offering Stew.
  8. The elder of smp7 has spoken. Heed his advice.
  9. Haha. I know charity work when I see it.
  10. No, I would be supplying the diamonds, just not the xp, im sooooo misleading.