Looking for raw ores!

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  1. HI ALL!!

    I'm in a bit of an strange predicament and well.. I need a couple odd items.. The prices I'm willing to pay are written next to the item

    1x Raw red stone ore [50r]
    1x Raw coal ore [50r]
    1x Raw iron ore [50r]
    1x Raw diamond ore [100r]

    Thank you all.
  2. iron ore is just iron ore, you can mine that anywhere with a standard pick, the other items can be bought from /shop or from peoples "mega malls"
  3. Oh yea.. I can just mine the iron.. x_X

    However, I will still need the other ores.. Do you have any mega malls that you could recommend?
  4. depends entirely on which server your on, as you're going to need to spend 100R to access vault to transport yours ores across servers if you buy from else where.
  5. I have no problems going across servers, so any really
  6. I have redstone ore, i will be in smp6 in some mins
  7. i sell diamond ore at 10016 but it doesnt go for 100r i think mines 150 or so also vault it 10 not 100
  8. I have ONE coal ore. lol, I don't even know how I got it. >.< you. can have it. :)
  9. I have Plenty of coal ore (stacks) on smp3 lot 6493 for 44R per.