Looking for ranked team LOL

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by MistroMouse22, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Hey guys! Im looking for a ranked team on league of legends, so if your interested please comment :)
  2. Right now im ranked 1346 I think. So why not if you can get more people I'll join. username is Libelios
  3. alright nice, when we get 3 more ill make a team :) and i think im around that rank
  4. yeah I got out of 1200 finally, sooo many trolls. 1300 seems to be a little better.
  5. ah, i found out my rating, im 1041 is solo/duo, i have never played ranked with some1 else :p
  6. oooo, good luck getting out of that hole. Some people would say ELO hell, others would say skill. Cant say for certain without seeing how you play. :)
  7. :D well it does suck, i nearly always have one bad person on my team, and thats why im looking for good players
  8. I dont join teams unless I know how good they are. I have 500 wins, and my top ranking is 1300 something on a different account. I'm buildign this account up currently, rune-wise, so all it has set up is AD and AP. Working on tanking next.
  9. Took awhile for someone else to reply, :). I have almost 400 wins I think, highest is 1350. Haven't played any ranked recently though.
  10. I dont play ranked solo que at all. It's just ridiculous. I also get less "playful" when there is pressure to win a game. I'm mush more likely to rage in serious games. So I stick to normal, random my champ every game and still usually out play the people on my team :p
  11. i only play ranked solo since i was able to :p but i had 300 wins in normal and im like rank 1150 :(
  12. Ranked solo is the quickest way to get into ELO hello, unless you are an amazing carry. What's your guys' names?
  13. My name is 'Libelios', But I was stuck in 1200 for soo long. But I just started playing 5-6 ranked a day and finally made it to high 1300's. I need to start doing that again. See if I cant get to 1400.
  14. Added you.