Looking For Quartz And Advice About Quartz

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  1. Hello I'm Jameskim885. I am looking for Quartz to buy. I would like to buy a DC full of it. Though I only have 21k and not sure if that is enough. So if I cannot buy a DC full of Quartz with 21k, I am wondering How much stacking of Quartz can you buy with 21k?
  2. Also I would like to say Major Malls Like 9000 or AlexChance, Please lower your Quartz price seeing that wastelands are out!
  3. Keep in mind that quartz is really easy to mine via the Wastelands. As long as you have armor, a bow+arrows, food, and fire resistance potions, you can get yourself a double chest in 2-5 trips, depending on how many stacks you bring back.
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  4. I'm Really Bad At Adventuring. I just died from one XD. That is why I'm looking to buy Quartz. To not lose valuables.
  5. Look out for some auctions on the forums, here are the winning bids from the latest 3 auction's of Quartz flakes:
    Never mind, Prices vary a lot at the moment, but my tip is to look out on the forums for auctions and i'm sure you'll be able to get a DC for under 21k. :)
  6. Thanks Ill make sure to keep my eye out
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  7. My price is already fairly low. :)
  8. You mention 9000... It kinda doesn't have any 1.5 items nor does it have up-to-date prices on anything let-alone stock... Honestly at the moment you better off buying from AlexChance and another good one is Todd_Vinton on SMP1 ;)
  9. When I go mining for quartz, and I know this sounds crazy, but I always bring an enderchest with me. I keep all the quartz and my special items in that thing, so just in case I die, I still have all my goodies. Also, bring enderpearls (for getting out of lava), lots of arrows (ghasts are all over the place, and they NEVER stop moving. :C ), fire resistance potions (Great help! You would drown in lava before it killed you with these things! [I'm kidding.. you can't drown in lava, and don't try it... you will die]), and lots of food! In a worst case scenario, you can fall into lava, quickly enderpearl out, and throw your items into your enderchest before the fire kills you. D: