Looking for Potions!

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  1. I am looking for, in bulk:

    Potion of Swiftness
    Potion of Slowness

    I am buying around a stack of each. Please, comment your res number and server if you sell either of these in bulk.
  2. I can whip up a batch of each for you SMP 9 and 18074, just let me know
  3. Potions don't exactly stack...So a stack would be 1, for potions. But you're probably meaning 64. I can't remember exactly what makes the slow potion, think it's a fermented spider eye...But I can make you a bunch of swiftness for sure. Light on a few ingredients currently...Res#7150, SMP3. Might be hard to find me on though. Internet troubles and all.
  4. You can buy Swiftness (8:00) from me I can make more if you need them.
    I also sell other potions.
  5. We at 14141 sell some, brown section upstairs
  6. I've got like 10 swiftness and 10 instahealth