looking for permanent staff for my new shop

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by finsup2010, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. i need a staff that i can trust for being my co-owner. this person will get all flags and get 1/4 of what i make in the shop :) thx finsup2010
  2. What to do?
  3. be my co-owner
  4. I saw but what to do as a co-owner?
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  5. Supplier, financial stuff?
  6. =P

    Finsup2010, where is your shop? I cant find it :confused:
  7. What do you have to offer? Give me a good reason why would I stock your chests and let you keep most of the earnings when I can stock my own and keep everything?

    I share a shop with someone already. We have chest ownership split up but we help each other with supplying. It has worked out very well for both of us.
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  8. i will do the same pab10s that is a good idea i think i will do that with either you or xandrow
  9. or mark
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  10. my shop is 2644
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  11. I don't have the time to supply and such. :)
  12. I can't say I have much time either because of already being involved with mine. If you set up your chests so they will buy as well as sell people can help you out with stocking. You need to be careful as well as fair with prices for it to work. Maybe you'll find someone on your home server who you can work together with.
  13. Mark do u want to be my co-owner