Looking for People to Record SG with.

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by DemonThunder345, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. Hello so for my YT Channel I have decided that I really like doing SG and its pretty fun I must say. So I am looking for someone to record with and that has Skype or mumble or what ever. So yeah. My channel only has 34 Subscribers at the moment but I have a feeling SG will help me boost that. So yeah. Here is my latest one. (I suck on the first ones I havent played SG in a while. I stayed up till 4 am last night playing now and I guess ive got better)

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  2. I'll play if your doing Blitz.
    Skype: shadowkman
    I might not always be around right no, but when I finish building my computer I can play a lot more.
  3. Alrighty And yes it is Blitz :D
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  4. I am pretty awesome at Survival Games, don't mean to brag or anything. :p I don't have skype, but you could probably still record just as well if I'm not talking, I can still show you all of the chest spots.
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